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Analog EPI-Fluorescence Optics Module

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Product Description

The SVM340 analog EPI optics module is designed for applications that require higher wavelength discrimination and/or improved signal-to-noise versus our standard analog optics modules, such as microfluidics and biological applications like cell imaging and Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry. Epifluorescence capabilities let researchers visualize and record flows using greater selectivity, limits of detection, and resolution.

Each sealed EPI module is self-contained and includes a high-sensitivity camera, excitation and emission filters, a dichroic mirror, LED illuminator and objective mount (objective not included). Module can be used with the SVM340's four-channel external illuminator (A-ILLUM) for increased intensity.  


Wavelengths: 476 nm excitation, 535 nm emission (contact LabSmith for other wavelength options)

Resolution: 768 x 494 pixels

Frame Rate: 30 fps (fixed)

Interface: S-video

Gain Control: auto

Scan: interlaced

Sensor: black and white 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD