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LabPackage Micro- and Nano-Fluidic Work Station

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Product Description

Micro/Nanofluidics approaches assist researchers in the life sciences, nanotechnology, chemistry and engineering. In these experiments it is essential to have total control of fluid flow and electric fields, and reliable capture and imaging of often transient phenomena.

LabSmith’s LabPackage gives you complete experiment control, helping you to get started with micro/nanofluidics experimentation quickly. LabPackage lets you take your lab from macro to micro/nano in a flash.

LabPackage Micro and Nano-Fluidic Single User Kit


DescriptionPart NumberQuantity
High Voltage Control
HVS448 Eight-channel high-voltage sequencer Option A HVS448-3000 or
Option B HVS448-6000D or
Option C HVS448-8000D or
High-voltage cable kit set (includes 8 cables) A-HVC8-STD 1
Micro-clip set for use with high-voltage cable kit (includes 8 clips) A-MC8-01 1
Platinum electrode wire, 0.584 mm dia (23 gauge), 10 cm length A-PT-ELECTRODE 1
Synchronous video microscope. Includes control and acquisition software, B&W camera module, LED-B illuminator module, 10X objective, and motorized X-Y focus traverse stage SVM340 1
Schott filter for use in camera module.
Wavelengths available: 495, 515, 530, 550, 570, 590, 610, 630, 645, 665 nm.
Stainless steel sample stage for SVM340 with two rectangular openings:
20 x 32 mm and 22 x 66 mm.
A-Plate 1
Automated Fluid Control and Routing Specified for 360um capillary components. Contact LabSmith for 1/32" or 1/16" component options.
Electronic Interface Controller, includes uProcess™ software EIB200 1
Two-Position Automated Valve AV201-360 2
4 Valve Electronic Manifold 4VM01 1
Syringe Pump Body SPS01 2
Syringe glass and plunger - specify size for three (3) SG-004-C360
4 Sensor Electronic Manifold 4AM01 1
Pressure sensor - specify models for two (3) uPS0250-C360-10
Integrated breadboard with 8 device connections and 1" x 3" cutout for chip viewing via SVM340. Includes mounting hardware for attachment to SVM340. iBB 1
Breadboard reservoir – 1.1 mL reservoir with cap and 4 fluid ports C360-BBRES 2
03-0780-0106-01- cross, 75 µm x 75µm , 87 mm PMMA  03-0780-0106-01 2
One-Piece Fitting C360-100 40
One-Piece Plug C360-101 10
Tee C360-203 4
Cross C360-204 4
Bonded Port Connector C360-400 15
Chip Reservoir C360-405R 4
Luer-Lock Adapter C360-300 2
Breadboard mounting hardware and tools. Includes TORX wrench, hex wrench, and screws for mounting 5 valves, 10 interconnects to breadboard plus 4 chip clips and 8 electrode clips for mounting chips and electrodes to the iBB iBB-TOOLS 1
Tools for changing syringe glass and plunger set SPS-TOOLS 1
Epoxy Adhesive LS-EPOXY 1
Luer lock disposable syringe LS-SYRINGE_LL 2
Luer tip disposable syringe LS-SYRINGE_LT 2
PEEK capillary or tubing C360-150P 2m
USB-RS232 adapter A-RS232-USB 2

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