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Timing & Synchronization

Timing and Synchronization

LabSmith's timing and synchronization products employ logic-based signal routing, real-world feedback and unique timing modes to help you precisely synchronize even the most complex test setups.

LC220 2-Channel
LC880 8-Channel
TT1680 16-Channel

High Voltage Control

High Voltage Control
HVS448 High Voltage Sequencers and Accessories

Eight high-voltage channels with programmable sequencing, innovative voltage supply, voltage sensing, current supply, current sensing to integrate your entire experiment.


SVM340 Synchronized Video Microscope and Accessories

A research-grade, inverted fluorescence video microscope with a synchronously pulsed illuminator and powerful video analysis software for microfluidics and microbiology.


Packages & Kits

LabPackage Micro- and Nano-Fluidic Work Station

Complete system for micro- and nano-fluidics experimentation, from controlling fluid flow and electric fields to reliably capturing and imaging transient phenomena.