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Chip Interface Kit

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Product Description

The best value for CapTite fittings, including all the components needed for various applications. Prices include an overall 5% discount in addition to normal quantity discounts.

Description360 um Kit1/32" KitQuantity
One-Piece Fittings C360-100 T132-100 25
One-Piece Plugs C360-101 C360-101 5
Bonded Port Connectors C360-400 T132-400 50
Chip Reservoirs C360-405R C360-405R 5
Luer-Lock Adapters C360-300 T132-300 4
Luer-Lock Disposable Syringe LS-SYRINGE_LL LS-SYRINGE_LL 4
Hex wrench LS-HEX LS-HEX 1
Epoxy Adhesive LS-EPOXY LS-EPOXY 1
PEEK capillary CAP360-150P TUBE132-010P 1 m