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CapTite Ferrules & Adapters

microfluidics ferrules plugs adapters

Fast, leak-free microfluidic connections.

• One-piece Fittings (Ferrules)
• One-Piece Plugs
• Two-Piece Adapters

CapTite Fittings

microfluidic reservoirs

Storage reservoirs, separation cartridges and filters.

• Breadboard Reservoirs
• Cartridge
• Filter Holder
• 10um Mesh Polyester Filter

Luer Lock Fittings & Syringes

luer lock luer-lock

Simple, positive connection to Luer style components.

• Luer Lock Adapter Assembly
• Luer Lock Disposable Syringe
• Luer Tip Disposable Syringe

Tubing and Capillary

microfluidic tubing, microfluidic capillary

PEEK and silicone tubing, fused silica capillary.

• Tubing and capillary

CapTite Chip Hardware

microfluidic chip hardware

Secure connection to microfluidic chips.

• Bonded Port Connectors
• Chip Reservoirs
• Epoxy Adhesive
• Chip Interface Kit