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uProcess™ Pumps & Valves


LabSmith uDevices are part of the uProcess automation system of software and hardware products which provides simple, straightforward automated routing of microfluidic volumes.

CapTite™ & Connectors


CapTite™ fluid routing components provide leak-free connectivity, even at high pressures, for fluid circuits with 360um capillary, 1/32" & 1/16" tubing.

Tools & Supplies


Wrenches, screws, adhesives and other tools and supplies for LabSmith microfluidic components.

Chips & Accessories


LabSmith is proud to be the US distributor for microfluidic ChipShop chips and accessories, a leader in design and precision fabrication on the micrometer scale.



Fused silica capillary from Polymicro and PEEK™ tubing from Zeus are available through LabSmith.

CapTite™ Kits

Captite Kits

The best value for CapTite™ fittings, these kits provide all the components needed for various applications including single-user, world-to-chip interface and capillary interface kits.

uProcess™ Automation Kits

uProcess Kits

LabSmith's uProcess™ is a system of hardware and software products designed to simplify construction and automated control of microfluidic systems.