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New! uProcess Electrophoresis Power Module uEP01-300

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Product Description

The uEP01-300 is an extremely compact, fully programmable high voltage supply for controlling electrophoresis and gel electrophoresis setups. Measuring just 8.1 cm (3.2 in.) long, the uEP01 provides constant voltage to 300V, or current or power. Multiple modules can be controlled together for fully-independent, multi-channel control.

The uEP01 is part of the uProcess platform,  which includes hardware (uDevices) and software (uProcess) products for constructing and automating microfluidic systems. The uEP01 can be used in conjunction with LabSmith pressure sensors and temperature sensors for constant pressure or temperature modes and can be integrated into complete systems using uProcess control software.

max voltage: 300 V

max current: 0.25 A

max power: 15 W  

Each uEP01 module includes 2 cables (one red and one black) with friction fit terminations for connection to electrodes or microclips.  An EIB200 is required for control and monitoring with the LabSmith uProcess software.  An optional uProcess breadboard can be used to mount the EIB200, multiple uEP01 modules, along with other uProcess devices and components.


Download the uEP01 spec sheet here


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