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uProcess Breadboards

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Product Description

Optional platform for mounting uProcess uDevices and CapTite components.

uDevices that interface with uProcess breadboard connectors include: EIB100, EIB200, SPS01, 4VM01, 4VM02, 4AM01, 4PM01.

Components that can be mounted to uProcess breadboards include: AV-Series automated valves, MV-Series manual valves, BBRES breadboard reservoirs, and CapTite Interconnects 

Available with 5, 8, or 12 device connections:

  • uPB-05: uProcess breadboard with 5 uDevice connections. Overall size: 5.25" x 7.25"; .25" hole spacing.
  • uPB-08: uProcess breadboard with 8 device connections. Overall size: 9" x 10"; .25" hole spacing.
  • uPB-12: uProcess breadboard with 12 device connections. Overall size: 12" x 12"; .25" hole spacing.


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